caring for prostate cancer survivors and families

Welcome to Prostate Cancer – Hope.

Have you, or someone you love,  been diagnosed with prostate cancer? Are you contemplating treatments such as surgery, radiation, hormonal therapy?  In the midst of this ‘storm’ of medical terms and decisions to make, I invite you to share your thoughts, feelings and even advice for others who may be going through the same thing. I am not a urologist or a medical physician.  I am simply a transcriptionist who, after some 25 years in this profession, have ‘listened’ to such diagnoses, treatments and stories of hope admist the ‘storm’ when a patient is diagnosed.  I don’t claim to have any medical advice to give, but what I do want to share with all of you, patients and families undergoing this difficult journey, is that there is HOPE!  I wish to provide a forum here for support for anyone to share their experiences and how it has affected their lives.   Please know that you and your families are being remembered and lifted up in hopes for a cure from this disease.